Hancock County is where your plans become success

Hancock County, Indiana offers extensive resources to all types of businesses, especially to companies that benefit from our remarkable connectivity and skilled workforce. With plenty of available land and utility capacity, and our proximity to Indianapolis and its supply-chain clusters, we have all the ingredients your company needs to succeed.

Life Sciences

Hancock County is already home to drug development leader Covance and Elanco Animal Health’s global headquarters, so we have a workforce that’s familiar with the needs and challenges of the life sciences industry. That workforce is strengthened by local high school biomedical classes, and nearby Ivy Tech Community College campuses offering courses in high-demand areas such as biotechnology, chemical technology, and nanotechnology.


Central Indiana has a long tradition in high-quality manufacturing that has adapted to changing technology. Companies such as Indiana Auto Fasteners, Keihin North America, and Tsuda have found the workforce and resources they need to produce high-quality components and products in Hancock County. Local leaders Bastian Solutions and Genesis Products are leveraging innovation to meet marketplace needs, and nearby Ivy Tech Community College campuses are preparing workers with courses in automation and robotics, advanced manufacturing, manufacturing operations, and welding. Manufacturers of precision products for the automotive, aerospace, and medical products industries will find the resources they need to prosper here.

Retail Businesses

With a growing, affluent population, Hancock County is a magnet for retailers. In addition to local residents, our highway network brings in tens of thousands of vehicles each day. For example, Interstate 70 sees as many as 50,000 vehicles on an average day, while U.S. Highways 36, 40, and 52 and Indiana State Road 9 carry as many as 13,000 cars each day. Retailers, restaurants, and entertainment providers find eager customers here and synergies that build business.