Hancock County is at the center of a business-friendly state.

Hancock County, Indiana is proud to be at center of one of America’s most business-friendly states. For decades, Indiana has earned a reputation for supporting companies and helping them stay competitive. Indiana has long been a right-to-work state, with remarkably low workers’ compensation costs, and unemployment tax rates as low as 1.3 percent.

In addition, Indiana doesn’t have an inventory tax for businesses and our state’s income tax rates are remarkably low, especially when compared to surrounding states. For example, Indiana’s corporate adjusted gross income tax rate is just 6.5 percent, and the state’s basic personal income tax rate just 3.4 percent.

Local government takes a prudent, fiscally responsible approach, too. That’s why our communities have first-rate schools, reliable police and fire protection, public infrastructure, and other services, despite property tax rates that are as low as $1.31 per $100 of fair market value. Our local government agencies believe in efficiency and demonstrate it every day. That means your company will get the support it needs while keeping more of your hard-earned revenues.


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