2022 County Health Rankings are out!

Hancock County is up to #4!Hancock Health

In 2014, Hancock County was ranked 27th in county health rankings in Indiana and this is where Hancock County began the journey to be #1 in the comparison report.  Due to many factors, not the least of which was the work done by Hancock Health and the Healthy365 team, Hancock County rose to the rank of #5 and remained there for a few years.  The latest report is out, and states that Hancock County has moved up to #4! County Health Rankings & Roadmaps for Hancock County, Indiana.

TechCastings Ribbon Cutting

On Monday, March 20, 2023, it was a great day to be in Shirley, Indiana for the ribbon cutting at TechCastings!

The ribbon cutting was for the company’s recently completed addition. TechCastings added 12,000 sf to their now 40,000+ sf facility.

Randy Sorrell, HEDC Executive Director, attended the ribbon cutting. He stated that it was nice to work with Jeff Lantz of TechCastings to assist them applying for the tax abatement and helping them grow. Randy also walked through the process of granting tax abatement with Teresa Hester, Town of Shirley. This was the town’s first tax abatement ever granted. Continue reading…