Hancock County is where agribusiness companies cultivate success.

Hancock County, Indiana is no stranger to agriculture, which comes as no surprise when you consider our location in the center of one of America’s most productive farming states. Local workers have grown up around farming, developing an understanding of both its importance in feeding the world and of the work ethic that comes with it. Those values are instilled in our communities, and our rich natural resources and massive labor shed (more than 1.3 million workers within an hour’s drive) have made us a magnet for leaders in food science and pharmaceutical research.

That workforce continues to become stronger through the efforts of state and local education providers who offer highly focused classes and programs. For example, our local high schools introduce students to real-world biomedical practices, and nearby Ivy Tech Community College campuses offer postsecondary courses in high-demand areas such as biotechnology, chemical technology, and nanotechnology. Their efforts ensure a steady pipeline of the people you need.


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